For the last year or so, the Elders have journeyed through the process of finding a new head pastor. Even before we launched the search publicly, we were praying that God would show us the right person to lead Northshore in our next season of ministry. We deliberately chose a process of working with an outside consultant, Sling Shot, to objectively evaluate who we were as a church, what we were looking for in a new leader, and to screen the candidates who applied for the position. This allowed us to guard against any one person’s preconceived ideas of who the new pastor should be and stay objective as possible.

We are pleased to announce that God has called Scott Harris to be our new Lead Pastor.

Since Scott is from within our organization, could we have possibly chosen him without going to the trouble of hiring a consultant and interviewing many candidates? Frankly, we believe the answer is “No.” God used the selection process to help us identify who we are as a church and what values we represent to our congregation, our community, and beyond our region. The selection process validated Scott Harris as our Lead Pastor and ranked him as one of the top potential lead pastors nationwide.

The screening committee and the Elders interviewed candidates we thought might be gifted teachers, but many turned out to be just good storytellers. We also reviewed candidates who were good teachers, but they didn’t have the shepherd’s heart which we desired in our Lead Pastor. We found one candidate that we thought was a good fit, but God revealed circumstances to both him and us which confirmed that Northshore was not where he was called. After going through that process, God confirmed this direction for us when we asked Scott to go through the screening process. The Elders all know Scott well and we are grateful for the many ways he has ministered to this body and our staff. God spoke to us in many ways showing Scott’s heart for this church and our community and that Scott was the type of leader He wanted for His church.

So, where do we go from here? The next step will begin August 1st. Scott will assume the role of leading the church staff. Ken will continue to preach regularly as Scott focuses on settling into his new role. Ken will begin to hand the teaching role off to Scott and a teaching/speaking team. The installation service for Scott will take place August 4th. Please don’t miss it. During this time, we will share more details of our journey. Ken’s last day with us will be Sunday, November 3rd, and during and after services that day, we will celebrate his ministry at Northshore.

These are exciting days ahead for Northshore! It is always our goal to be on Christ’s mission of loving God, loving people, and making disciples. God has put this vision in Scott’s heart and filled him with a passion for that calling that is contagious. Continue to pray for this transition time at Northshore.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you, your family, and our church home.


Don Schwab
Chairman of the Elders


Why is Pastor Ken transitioning?

After prayerful consideration, Pastor Ken and Annette have decided this is the right time to transition his role as Senior Pastor at Northshore. This comes after 15 years of serving Northshore and 33 years as a lead pastor. Pastor Ken’s dream is to hand-off the baton to the next generation of leadership that will lead Northshore to an even greater impact.

Will Pastor Ken continue to teach/preach during the transition?

Yes. Pastor Ken will continue to be part of a team of individuals communicating God’s Word through the end of October.

What is the timeline for the transition?

Pastor Scott Harris will be installed as the Lead Pastor of Northshore Christian Church during the Sunday worship services on August 4th. He will then spend August, September, and October working together with Pastor Ken in the “passing of the baton”. Pastor Ken’s final weekend with us at Northshore will be Sunday, November 3rd.

Where is Pastor Ken going?

Although the next chapter has not yet been fully identified, the reality is that three of Pastor Ken and Annette’s four children live in the Indianapolis, IN area (along with their grandchildren). Their youngest, Stewart, and his wife, Amanda, are on the ministry team at Northshore. This transition will open the door for Pastor Ken to pursue other ministry roles such as coaching emerging leaders, interim pastoral work, or perhaps even a reduced role on a church staff that desires to move forward in relational discipleship. 

How can I stay up-to-date on the transition journey?

Our web page is an excellent way to find current updates on the process. The Elders are committed to keeping the congregation regularly informed. Periodically, there will be church-wide emails and shared information during the services.

If you have any questions or considerations about the transition, click below to email us.

We appreciate your prayers during this exciting time. We believe God has amazing things in store for Northshore.


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