Dear Northshore Family,

We began our relationship with Northshore 15 years ago this month when I started as your third pastor in March 2004. When Annette and I and three of our four children came here from Florida we never dreamed this would be our longest tenure at a church. It was also longer than Northshore’s previous two pastors combined. It has been an indescribable joy to serve this fellowship and have the privilege to teach God’s Word each week to such a loving and responsive group of followers of Christ. What a blessing this has been!

I have sensed for about two years the Lord nudging me towards Succession Planning along with our Elders as we look to the future ministry. My heart’s desire is to pass the baton of leadership in stride in order to maintain the highest level of continuity for our church. I have never been more excited about what God is doing through Northshore to impact our region and beyond. But I honestly feel there are even greater days ahead. We believe now is the right time to begin the process of seeking and selecting the new visionary Senior Pastor that will move Northshore into that future.

Our plan is to hand off the leadership by October 2019. Our Elders have begun the process of Succession Planning by first recognizing the wisdom of seeking outside guidance from experienced consultants given to this ministry. This process will take some time but the Elders are committed to communicating with you throughout the journey, especially seeking prayer. We will begin immediately developing a Senior Pastor Profile that will serve as a tool in our search. This will take into consideration more than 20 key attributes in the areas of spiritual wisdom/maturity, personal life, communication skills and abilities, and alignment to Northshore’s mission and values. The national search firm will then begin compiling candidates based on this profile. My hope is to have an “on ramping” period where we will serve side by side for a season to allow the new leader to become acclimated with our church.


Why is Pastor Ken transitioning?

After prayerful consideration, Pastor Ken and Annette have decided this is the right time to transition his role as Senior Pastor at Northshore. This comes after 15 years of serving Northshore and 33 years as a lead pastor. Pastor Ken’s dream is to hand-off the baton to the next generation of leadership that will lead Northshore to an even greater impact.

Will Pastor Ken continue to teach/preach during the transition?

Yes. Pastor Ken will still be the predominate communicator of God’s Word during the transition as well as lead the staff until the next leader is identified.

What is the timeline for the transition?

Pastor Ken has announced that the “passing of the baton” would take place on or before October 2019. As the Elders guide the process of selection, Pastor Ken will assist in helping Northshore maintain the healthiest, strongest position possible for continuity of our ministry to the community.

Where is Pastor Ken going?

Although the next chapter has not yet been fully identified, the reality is that three of Pastor Ken and Annette’s four children live in the Indianapolis, IN area (along with their grandchildren). Their youngest, Stewart, and his wife, Amanda, are on the ministry team at Northshore. This transition will open the door for Pastor Ken to pursue other ministry roles such as coaching emerging leaders, interim pastoral work, or perhaps even a reduced role on a church staff that desires to move forward in relational discipleship.

How will the next Lead Pastor be identified?

The Elders have established a Transition Team that is partnering with Slingshot Group, an organization which specializes in ministry placement. A national search is being conducted, trusting that God will show us clearly (1 Samuel 16:3) who He is calling to be the next Lead Pastor. Northshore’s polity is Elder-led and these spiritual leaders will make the final decision. Please pray for them as well as the process.

CLICK HERE for Northshore Christian Church Lead Pastor Position Posting at Slingshot Group.

How can I stay up-to-date on the transition journey?

Our web page is an excellent way to find current updates on the process. The Elders are committed to keeping the congregation regularly informed. Periodically, there will be church-wide emails and shared information during the services.

If you have any questions or considerations about the transition, click below to email us.

We appreciate your prayers during this exciting time. We believe God has amazing things in store for Northshore.


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