Elder Nominations


Though not exhaustive, the following list contains some of the attributes that should be evident in the life of an Elder candidate:

Biblically qualified - Those who become Elders must meet all of the qualifications of Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3.

Eldering without regard to formal position - The candidate is currently “eldering”. He is actively involved in the relational life of the Body, in the role of leadership (showing the capacity to shepherd) and has been proven in leadership by his own understanding and the understanding of the others around him. In addition, he possesses vision as he moves with God in moving the congregation forward.

Enthusiastically supports and is capable of contributing to NCC’s Direction - The candidate resonates with the purpose, mission and vision of Northshore. This manifests itself in both word and most importantly, action. Further, he understands and supports the defined roles of the Elder Board in relation to the congregation, the Senior Pastor, pastoral staff and ministry teams.

Unifiers - The candidate has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with others on a board or ministry team over time.  He makes “every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace”. He must be capable of working for the whole, setting aside his individual preferences for the sake of the Body. He understands the details, but does not get lost in them or lose sight of the bigger picture. He values the whole church over individual group needs.


The Northshore Christian Church Board of Elders is asking participating members of the Congregation to submit the names(s) of qualified men as candidates to be added to the Board of Elders.

Each man, whose name is submitted, will be contacted to determine if he aspires to the position. The next steps in the process will include: A period of self-examination, interviews and evaluation to determine that each candidate meets the qualifications of the position.

Upon conclusion of this evaluation period, the Congregation shall be presented the names of the candidates and be given a three week period to make comment on the suitability of a particular candidate to serve as an Elder. At the conclusion of the three week period a final determination will be made by the Elder Board.

Submissions will be accepted no later than April 25, 2021. To recommend an individual (you may submit your own name if you aspire to the office and meet the qualifications), submit the following information in the e-mail link provided below:

  • Your name
  • The name of the individual you are recommending.

Email Lisa Jacobs, Executive Administrator,

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