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Women's Small Groups

At Northshore, we have two places for women to plug into a small group… Home Groups and on-campus Small Groups. Our co-ed home groups are made up of couples and singles. The women in many of our home groups also meet together additional time(s) each month.

Our on-campus Women’s Small Groups are ‘come as you are’ – whether you are not yet a follower of Jesus or have been a Christian for years, we hope you will be comfortable plugging in to a group of women – to journey together, do life together (beyond just small group time), and learn from God’s Word together. These groups meet on Wednesday evenings & Thursday mornings. You can register through the links offered below for the specific study you are interested (when available).

Scheduled Studies:

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Contact our Women's Discipleship Directors below.

Women's Small Groups Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions?

Contact our Women's Discipleship Directors:

Mrs. Sam Mielbrecht 

Mrs. Heidi Marsh

Women's Restoration Groups

Life is hard and sometimes really hurts. You may be coming to Northshore with emotional bruises that keep you from wanting to be in transparent relationship with others.

These are the groups we offer to help you find restoration:

Healing Hearts

Using the Word, God will walk a woman through the healing process, moving her from despair, guilt, or shame to receiving all that God has promised. Healing Hearts has two segments as noted below.

Binding Up the Brokenhearted – Specifically for women suffering from the after affects of abortion. There is hope… God has a plan for your life.

The Hem of His Garment – To help women overcome the pain and afflictions of their past, who have suffered loss, sexual abuse, divorce, rape and other traumas.

Contact:  For interest in either of these groups,

Gayle Paxson at 425-210-0575 or

Women's Events

Women’s Retreat

Women Need a Break Away - Invites a unique opportunity for us to hear and see God in a new way.

Women Need to Experience God's Personal Touch - There’s nothing more powerful and life-changing than a personal touch from God. Worship, prayer, Bible exploration, and a protected period of time to do all three is a much-needed gift.

Women Need a Safe Place to Open Up and Share Their Hearts - Real connections are forged when we have the chance to open up and share our fears, joys, pain, doubts, and wisdom with each other without fear of judgment.

Northshore Women's 2017 Retreat coming soon...

Special Events:

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