When are the service times?


Services are on Saturdays at 5:30 PM

Sundays at 9:00 & 11:00 AM


 When is the church office open?


The office is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.  Our church phones are answered live by real people (press “0” to immediately be routed to our church office).  During weekend services people are available at the information center to answer your questions and phone calls.


What is Northshore’s address and phone number?


Northshore Christian Church

5700 23rd Drive West

Everett, WA 98203

(425) 407-1119, press “0” for the church office


How do I get to Northshore?

Click Here for Google Driving Directions

Click Here for Printable Map & Directions

Directions From Interstate 5:  From I-5 (either northbound or southbound), take the Highway 526 Mukilteo Exit.  Follow 526 (also known as the Boeing Freeway) west and exit onto Seaway Boulevard near the Boeing factory building (the largest building in the world by volume!)  Drive through 3 traffic lights until you reach the fourth light at Merrill Creek Parkway.  Turn right onto Merrill Creek Parkway.  Go about a half mile to 23rd Drive West (the first stoplight on Merrill Creek, you will see a Boeing building and a Norpro building at this intersection).  Turn left on 23rd Drive West.  The entrance to the church parking lot will be on your left, one long block down the hill.  As you face our building, visitor parking is located on the far left hand side.  Click here for printable driving directions.   


 How should I dress?


Wear whatever makes you comfortable.  At Northshore, you will find everything from suits and ties to shorts and sandals.  We are only focused on what's on the inside.  What you wear is your choice.  Most visitors wear business-casual attire.  Click here for more on what you can expect when you visit Northshore.   


Where are the restrooms?


Restrooms are located in the central lobby.  They’re behind the information desk and across from the espresso stand.


Should I participate in communion? 


Northshore practices “open communion”.  If you are a follower of Jesus (regardless of any denominational affiliation) you are welcome to participate in communion. 


Communion is offered each week during our weekend services.  The elements (represented by grape juice and a small cracker) are passed down each row in trays.  Participants are asked to take a small juice cup and cracker and hold onto them until we take them together.  If you do not wish to participate in communion for any reason, please do not feel any pressure to do so.  Simply pass the communion tray to the next person.  You will not be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable.


More technically…Northshore views communion as our way to remember Christ’s sacrifice in obedience to Jesus’ Luke 22:19 command (“This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.")   Theologically we do not teach the transubstantiation of the communion elements (transubstantiation may be familiar to those with a Catholic background.  It is the belief that the substance of the communion elements are changed into Christ’s actual body.)



Am I expected to give during the offering?


Visitors are not expected participate in the offering and will not be asked to do so.  You are our guest.



I've come to a weekend service. Now what?


After visiting Northshore, the next step for getting connected is to take the one-evening Get in the Game 101 membership class, taught by Senior Pastor Ken Long.  After becoming a member during Get in the Game 101, members are encouraged to take the remaining one-evening core courses 201 (Discipleship)301 (Foundations for Spiritual Growth)302 (Discovery Your Ministry) and 303 (Share Jesus Without Fear). We believe the best way to grow in your faith is in relationships with other Christians. For that reason we encourage you to join one of our Community Home Groups when you are ready.


What kind of time commitment is expected of Northshore members? 


We understand that you have a life.  Northshore is here simply to connect you with other Jesus followers and help you grow in your faith.  We’re not here to clog your schedule with church programming.  As such, we ask only that you “worship one, serve one and connect one.”  This means that each week you:


> Attend one weekend worship service.

> Serve once by helping during a service, helping with a weeknight church ministry or serving our community in an organization outside the church walls.

> Connect once with fellow believers by participating in a small group (home group, men’s group, women’s group, or young adults group)


That’s it.  Beyond Northshore we want you to have time for family, friends, co-workers and neighbors . . . the people to whom we can best show Christ’s love.



What denomination is Northshore affiliated with?


Northshore is an independent, non-denominational church.  We are not formally affiliated with any other church or national headquarters.  Our members come to Northshore from every tradition . . . from Presbyterian to Catholic to Methodist to Quaker to Baptist and then some.


The “Christian” in our names comes from our affiliation with the Christian Church.  Specifically, we participate in the North American Christian Convention.  This is a fellowship of "Christian churches and churches of Christ" that are independent and autonomously governed.  Click here  to see Wikipedia’s detailed information on this fellowship. 


Among the 5600 Christian churches you will find some of the country’s largest, most influential and fastest growing congregations.  Northshore was started by Overlake Christian Church in Redmond.  Other sister churches include Southeast Christian Church (Louisville), Central Christian Church (Las Vegas), Christ’s Church of the Valley (Peoria) and East 91st Street Christian Church (Indianapolis).


Northshore is a member of the Willow Creek Association, started by Bill Hybles at Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago area.  Northshore employs the purpose-driven principles outlined by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.


Northshore has planted two churches in the Puget Sound area.  Our daughter churches are Soteria in downtown Everett and The Point in Arlington.



What is Northshore known for?


Northshore is one of the largest churches in the area.  As such it can offer a wide variety of programs and services, especially to families.  We have a large Children’s Ministry/Awana program, active Junior/Senior High youth groups and specific ministries for adult men and women.  Northshore offers Christian education to the community through its Academy and daycare programs.


Northshore is also known for its informal, relational atmosphere and facilities resources.  The church has extensive offerings of online media.  There is an emphasis on biblical spiritual growth through relational environments.  Finally, Northshore connects people into small groups where real growth, caring and fellowship can happen.  We are a church that “grows larger by growing smaller.”


How is Northshore governed? 


At the head of our organization chart is Jesus, followed by our Elder Board, senior pastor, executive pastor and pastoral/ministry staff. The Elder Board is made up of approximately 8 church members who volunteer to meet regularly to set overall church direction and ensure accountability.  The Elder Board is advised by several committees of made up of church members, including the Finance Committee, Facilities Committee and School Board.  Elders welcome input from congregation members.  Elders wear name badges during weekend services and are available to speak with you in the lobby.  Elders are also available to pray with you following each service in the Prayer Room.  The Elder Board can also be reached by email at elders@northshorechristian.org.


The church staff is headed by the senior pastor, who is the lead spiritual teacher and casts vision for specific church direction.  The executive pastor is responsible for day-in, day-out church operations and oversees the staff, budgets, communications and programming.  Associate pastors and ministry leaders are responsible for key departments (children, youth, prayer, small groups, academy principal, media, facilities, finance, etc.)  You can reach our various ministry leaders by clicking here.