Marriage Ministry

The overall objective is to support couples in building skills to
develop stronger marriages that will last a lifetime.

Northshore Christian Church places a high value on strong, healthy Christian marriages. Maintaining your spiritual growth is the best way to cultivate and sustain healthy marriages. We believe that being in a life group provides a consistent level of support and care for marriages.

Yet, there are times when couples need customized support for their specific areas of opportunity. Northshore's Marriage Ministry provides resources for couples that desire to prepare for, maximize or repair your marriage.

By using the marriage curricula created by relationship experts, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot, we offer couples requesting support the opportunity to work with qualified mentor couples. The overall objective is to support couples in building skills to develop stronger marriages that will last a lifetime.

Note: Mentor couples are active members of a life group and it is strongly recommended for mentoree couples to do the same.

Couples who reach out for support with preparing for marriage, maximizing their marriage or repair their marriage will have access to the following:

Repairing Your Marriage

If you are a couple looking for hope and encouragement for your marriage, then we’ll connect you with a trained and qualified mentor couple. Learn from their experiences and ways they have created a loving and Christ-centered marriage.

Marriage Counseling

There are times when couples need extra support from professional counselors. If this is the case, then our pastors will provide recommendations to professional counselors.

NEXT STEP:  Fill out our Marriage Ministries Form to request support in any of the areas listed above, and we will contact you:  Marriage Ministries Form


Biblical marriage is blessed, honored and instituted by God! If you are considering Northshore Christian Church as the location for your event, please contact us for a copy of the “Planning Your Wedding” workbook. Then, we will connect you with our wedding coordinator, Kathy Lowell, to answer your questions and help you begin preparations. She will guide you through our policies, procedures and fee schedule.

Note: The pre-marriage program is required for all who plan to be married at NCC.


Or, for more information on Marriage Ministries, Classes or Mentoring, please contact:
Bobbi Glennon at or (425) 322-2308


Mingling of Souls marriage class

"We are offering this class to help navigate through the issues for both singles and marrieds. The Mingling of Souls will forever change how you view and approach love."

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